Get On Your Bike!

Cycling is cost effective, environmentally friendly and healthy. So let us teach you the perks of pedal power!

Sign up to our Get On Your Bike! workshop to learn about cycling benefits from our partners at Scottish Cycling. You will also be introduced comprehensively to the new IKEA SLADDA bicycle and the add-ons available with it by our store cycling ambassador. We will take you through the benefits of cycling for health and environmentally, highlighting the brilliance of getting on your bike as well as letting you try the bike out yourself. 

Live LAGOM - Cosy Homes

A large part of Scandinavian culture is based on ‘Hygge’, the idea of cosiness.

Our Live LAGOM project focuses on helping you build a cosy home with a sustainable balance. With poorly insulated homes and a rather draughty summer, energy bills in Scotland are rising.

Join our workshops in June and learn how to save money by insulating your home, allowing you to stay cosy all year round. Sign up today to book your place.

Live LAGOM - Grow Your Own

Are you green fingered? Interested in how you can live more sustainably? Ever thought about growing food in your own home?

Join our workshops through June and July to find out how 'grow your own' can save you money, time and help you live more sustainably.

Our in-store experts will provide you with an insight into our Live LAGOM sustainability project and show you how making small changes can make large differences to your lifestyle.

Live LAGOM - Intent to Ferment

In Sweden there is a phrase "Lagom är bäst" which basically translates to "just right is best". In other words LAGOM means "just right", not too much and not too little. Here at IKEA we strive to achieve this balance and want to help you achieve this too. 

This is exactly what our Live LAGOM project is all about. It is an idea that we can strike a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes and without denying ourselves anything. With Live LAGOM you can live more sustainably by conserving energy and reducing waste without any dramatic upheaval. 

Join our Live LAGOM workshops throughout June and July. Learn to produce your own pickled food in our instructional workshop.