Colour outside the lines with an exclusive look at our new Omedelbar range


With items like large glass hats, lip-shaped pillows and 3D-printed hands, styling your outfit just got so much more fun! OMEDELBAR collection offers everything to create the feeling of an exclusive dressing room, one you’ll want to linger in forever. Display your clothing, accessories and personality (with a flair of Bea’s own personal style). Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re you.


Our IKEA FAMILY MEMBERS are invited to come along to this exclusive FREE event. With breakfast pastries and refreshments while you get an exclusive look at the range designed by Bae Åkerlund.


Join us on: 
Sunday 18th March 9:30am - 10:30am

This event including offer is exclusive to IKEA FAMILY members that have reserved a place.

Create a bedroom that works for you

We all live differently, which is why our storage and organisation needs are unique to us. Discover the joy of storage as our interior designers and specialists showcase the best ways to organise your bedroom for the new season, in an event packed full of fun and home interiors inspiration.

We'll be on hand, with expert advice, to help you decide which solutions work best for you.

Our IKEA FAMILY MEMBERS are invited to come along to an exclusive FREE event. Enjoy some breakfast pastries and refreshments, while you get creative.