Container Cuisine

Container cuisine
Discover how to save time and money in the kitchen with some clever thinking when it comes to food storage. We’ll lift the lid on the nation’s food waste and plastic use and share some clever cooking ideas.

From Waste To Pride Of Place

From waste to pride of place
Unlock your creativity and give a new lease of life to an unloved piece of furniture. Our demonstrations will show you just how easy it is to upcycle using textiles, paint and just a little bit of imagination. Come join the nation in customisation.

Gardenless Growing

Gardenless Growing 
IKEA FAMILY member exclusive workshop
No garden? No problem. Get hands on in this session and learn about hydroponics – the art of growing veggies and herbs without soil. Plus, pick some tasty recipes for your first crop. Salad never tasted so good.

Meals In Minutes

Meals in minutes
Fast food doesn’t have to be ordered in. Our lively cookery demonstrations will show you just how easy it is to make a delicious and nutritious evening meal in mere minutes using some clever kitchen equipment. Just think, no more unhealthy take outs.