Live LAGOM - Cosy Homes

A large part of Scandinavian culture is based on ‘Hygge’, the idea of cosiness.

One of the simplest tricks for a more welcoming home is textures. We'll teach you how to save on energy and help you stay cosy and warm with a fun and interactive look into textiles around the home including a hands-on activity, using our range and expertise.

Live LAGOM - Grow Your Own

Are you green fingered? Interested in how you can live more sustainably? Ever thought about growing food in your own home?

Join our workshops throughout June and July to find out how 'grow your own' can save you money, time and help you live more sustainably.

Our in-store experts will provide you with an insight into our Live LAGOM sustainability project and show you how making small changes can make large differences to your lifestyle.

Live LAGOM: Intent to Ferment

When your going on holiday or when your veg is nearing its end, learn the skill of fermenting that takes minutes and can be enjoyed for months on end.

The workshop will introduce you to the basic principals of vegetable fermentation. Sweden is known for preserving food as a result of their long winters and short summers. Learn to produce your own pickled food in our instructional workshop.