Design Your Dream Kitchen!

This IKEA FAMILY members-only workshop will show you how to combine both function and form to create a dream kitchen that suits your life! This workshop includes an inspirational film and images, as well as practical, informative images to show you how you can layout your kitchen using the working triangle. After that, you can add your own personality in four different aspects of the design.

Speak to the Kitchen Team for more details.

Know your appliance workshop

Looking to plan your perfect kitchen? Or even a refresh?

Explore our range of kitchen appliances, from a perfectly baked pie to a dish that's spotlessly clean, we just can't do it without them. That's why we make kitchen appliances you can count on - and each comes with a five year guarantee. The best part? They don't mind if you take all the credit.

It's important to buy the right kitchen appliance that fits in with your everyday. Take advantage of our appliance workshops to learn everything you need to know about our different appliances in-store.