IKEA Reading Presents The Wonderful Cinema Evening

A trip to the cinema is always a hit with the litlles ones! And somethings an hour or so of quiet shopping time is a hit with the adults! Why not combine the two?!

Each week we host 2 cinema evenings in SMÅLAND?, our free instore crèche for 3-10 year olds. Please note: Your email address reserves the space for 1 child. Each additional child is then counted as a guest.


Tue   5th Feb–The great Muppet Caper  (U) 1hr 38m

Thu   7th Feb-  Aristocats (U) 1hr 24

Tue   12th Feb- Aladdin King of Thieves  (U) 1hr 22

Thu   14th Feb- Beauty and The Beast Bells Magical World (U) 1hr 29m

Tue   19th Feb- Cars 2 (U) 1hr 47m

Wed 20th Feb- Bedtime Stories (PG) 1h 39m * *                        

Thu   21st FebMr Magoo  (U) 1hr 12m

Tue   26th Feb –Mulan 2 (U) 1hr 19 min


* All these films are rated PG. You will be asked to fill in a permission form on arrival. Tinies will be with the children throughout the whole film

* * ?  Extra session




Live LAGOM Curry in a Hurry

IKEA FAMILY member exclusive workshop

In the depths of winter it can feel like summer is a world away. So why not invite some warmth in with a simple curry that takes a third of a time? In a few steps you’ll be able to turn healthy ingredients into a tasty family meal. All you need is a pressure cooker and our portable induction hob.

Join us and learn how to make a meal that’s wallet friendly, stress free, and entirely delicious. This is cooking at its most rewarding.

Mystery Home

Think you have what it takes to escape one of IKEA Readings mystery homes? Book your slot if you fancy your chances – warning: not for the faint hearted!

This challenge is free for IKEA FAMILY members, includes a treat in our restaurant and if you’re lucky enough to escape within the time frame – a special prize.

Each slot will only show one space avaiable - but during the booking process it will allow you to bring up to 4 guests with you. This is to avoid more than one group booking the same slot. 

New slots added monthly

The Big Night Im

IKEA FAMILY member exclusive workshop
Get prepped for hours of glorious sleep with our sleep tutorial. Learn some simple breathing techniques…and relax. There’s nothing like a big night in.