Breakfast with FABLER BJÖRN

Come along and join us in our customer restaurant, where FABLER BJÖRN will greet the kids as they enjoy breakfast.

Each child will then meet FABLER BJÖRN to receive a gift. Breakfast will start at 09:30 am and will finish at 11:00 am. This is a ticket only event* and tickets are available to purchase in store from the restaurant for the following dates; Thursday 26th July and Friday 27th July. 

Alternatively, you can reserve your child(ren)'s place below today. (Please be aware that one place is reserved for one child, should you need multiple places, please feel free to book this event more than once.) Please note, payment will be taken upon ticket collection on the day.

Tickets for breakfast with FABLER BJÖRN: £4.50**

Adults can purchase breakfast on the day.


*This event is limited to 50 tickets per day. **This includes a 3-item breakfast, drink from the dispenser including milk, a gift and of course meeting our favourite bear FABLER BJÖRN.

Crayfish Party

Thursday 9th August, 5.00-8.00pm

Mark your calendar for the last few weeks of summer, because it’s time to join in on one of the most uniquely Swedish traditions you’ll ever come across: the crayfish party. Gather your friends and be prepared for messy boiled crayfish, bibs, silly paper hats and lanterns, schnapps, and a whole lot of drinking songs. And don’t forget to keep the next day free, because the better the party, the longer it stretches into the night.

Tickets are available to purchase in store from a till point at the Customer Restaurant, Swedish Food Market and Bistro. Alternatively, you can reserve your place and up to 3 guest places today, below. Please note, payment will be taken upon collection on the night.

- IKEA FAMILY member ticket: £6.75
- Regular ticket: £9.50
- Children's ticket: £4.50